Circles are the most common form of Restorative Practices. When holding a Restorative circle, participants are more engaged and held to a higher level of accountability. Participants are also open because of the sense of equality and the value of every voice that is modeled by the circle keeper (person leading the circle). Merely sitting in circle does not constitute a restorative circle. Thorough training in understanding how to operate from the restorative framework and how to use the practices is required before leading a circle. Once training has been provided, the circle process can be used in any new or existing structure. Restorative TCS, LLC can assist school districts with using the circle process in a variety of ways. Below are some examples:

  • Holding meetings in circle (e.g. parent meeting, staff meeting, IEP meeting, 504 meeting etc.)
  • Teaching an academic lesson (any subject/grade) in circle
  • Teaching a social lesson (any subject/grade) in circle
  • Infusing Restorative Practices into existing academic and social curriculum
  • Infusing Restorative Practices into existing social skills groups
  • Creating curriculum that uses the circle process
  • Guiding school districts in creating a Restorative Practices high school elective course
  • Guiding school district in creating a Restorative Practices guide for teachers

Training can be implemented in a variety of timeframes though shorter sessions result in the training taking place over a longer period. Educators who have participated in our trainings and put the restorative framework into action say they feel rejuvenated and many rediscover their joy of teaching!

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