Curriculum Development

High School Elective Courses

Restorative TCS has assisted a large district with creating a high school elective course that has been very successful. The complexities of understanding what it means to operate from a Restorative lens creates an engaging and experiential culture that values critical thinking and collaboration.

Restorative Practices can easily be merged with new or existing curriculum to create safe and supportive school culture. Restorative TCS has supported the creation of a Tier 2 curriculum and a remedial humanities course which resulted in minimal behavior concerns and great academic success.

Restorative TCS has also lead the creation of a K-12 teacher guide to increase support for teacher implementation.

Let us assist your district with merging Restorative Practices with new or existing programs or curriculum today!

K-12 Curriculum Circles

The circle process is the most common form of Restorative Practices and can easily be incorporated into existing educational structures to enhance attentiveness and participation. This practice naturally interconnects with Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports and Social and Emotional Learning. Imagine the traditional way students review a math packet for an upcoming test; sitting in rows with the teacher standing in front of the class. Now imagine them sitting in circle with the teacher; everyone can see each other and the circle represents a collective space. Students are asking questions and collectively coming up with solutions. Then imagine them using a talking piece so everyone has an opportunity to speak. In larger classes, multiple circles can take place at the same time. In a restorative classroom, everyone is responsible for creating a safe and supportive class where everyone is valued, needed and empowered. Remember learning can be fun!

College Courses

Restorative Practice has been gaining interest among educators and the justice system as we continue to:

  • Understand the importance of educating the whole-child and meeting the social emotional learning needs of all students

  • Notice the mental health needs of our students and families
  • See disparities in the academic achievement and suspension rate of people of color
  • Address the need for trauma-informed practices in schools
  • Understand the need to dismantle the school to prison pipeline

  • Restorative TCS can assist colleges and universities in creating Restorative Practices undergraduate and graduate courses that can be offered online and/or in person. Courses can be created for students in criminal justice, social work, psychology, counseling or as a general course for any interested student.