Chauna Perry Finch is a national speaker and restorative school strategist.  As a national speaker, Chauna provides engaging and informative keynote addresses that inspire and motivate educators, youth serving agencies.  As a restorative school strategist, Chauna provides experiential and didactic Restorative Practices training and workshops for educators, students, parents, and community partners.

Prior to branching out on her own, Chauna coordinated the implementation of Restorative Practices for Milwaukee Public Schools. As a school social worker with over 16 years of experience, Chauna led the district in shifting from merely using Restorative Justice to address behavior concerns to embracing Restorative Practices to also build relationships. Some of the highlights of her role include the creation of a K-12 teacher guide and high school elective course and the co-creation of a Tier 2 curriculum and a program for expelled youth. Chauna also supported a variety of district initiatives including the development of a Restorative Practices implementation plan for the Black Lives Matter Board Resolution, the creation of a district equity plan, and the assessment of submittals for grant funds.

Chauna has mastered the art of teaching educators how to use Restorative Practices to strengthen existing structures such as Positive Behavioral Instructions and Supports, Social and Emotional learning, Individualized Education Plans, and Educator Effectiveness.   

Most importantly, Chauna is an advocate for education and is passionate about creating school communities where everyone (leadership, staff, students, parents and community partners) is valued, supported, and accountable for the social and academic achievement of all students. 



Provide exceptional Restorative Practices training and consulting services for K-12 educators so all stakeholders are safe and supported and every student succeeds


All schools will be safe and supportive communities where everyone is valued, respected, empowered, and accountable for the academic and social achievement of every student


Every individual, honors each person’s strengths, and seeks to create school communities that embrace creativity, include all stakeholders, and practice equity.